A little bit about the band

Public Static writes songs that are equal parts pop & rock, energy & tension, drama & soul. Both naive and honest, the songstyle of this Twin Cities group assails the listener with a combination of driven melodies and emotive lyrics crafted to move...and move it will. Public Static is poised to join the thriving Minnesota music scene in a big way.

Born in 2004, Public Static had few aspirations beyond getting together to play music in a small St. Paul basement. They soon discovered that between frontman Nick Reid's songwriting talent and co-writer/drummer Justin Yunke's skills on the kit that they had something special. Add to that mix Demetria Lee on the low-end and Public Static couldn't be contained in a basement rehearsal space for long. Another year...and they found Doran to add his sexy style and considerable drinking ability to the band. Oh and his guitar.

2009 brought several changes to the band, including it's lineup. The band split amicably with Demetria, and began it's search for new talent on the bass. After an exhaustive search process, the band asked Ryan Griggs to join up and assist Public Static in it's quest for aural domination. Good thing too, because he rocks. Rocks bigtime. This time also saw the band refine it's musical direction, and a slew of new songs appeared, crafted with uplifiting melodies, direct lyrics, and guitar licks and riffs that move the body.

The quintessential garage-band, Public Static has the perfect union of drive and raw passion for performance. They also espouse a fundamental truth in art; a good show is one part expression, and one part entertainment. And one part talent. And another part snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails. So thats like 50% expression, 50% entertainment, another 50% talent, and like 7% gross bits and pieces. How many bands promise 157% at a show?